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paisley protestors

Bell bottom hip huggers
And my Frankenstein shoes
That had stack soles and heels
That I could only barely use.
A crop-top sleeveless tee shirt
With a superman emblem on it
And diamond ring on my hand.
In case I might have to pawn it.

Because we were picketing
Downtown at the City Hall
And at some police stations.
It was the seventies after all.
Our parents raised us to acquiesce
It was their America they protected.
And it was just exactly this blindness
That we, en masse, all rejected.

We failed to understand them
The generations that came before
That prized prejudice and bias
And celebrated sending us to war.
We felt there was another way
To go about sweeping social change.
We saw beating and fire hosing
As nefarious and more than strange.

We got beaten ourselves and jailed
For just pointing injustice out to them
And watched our sit-ins and love-ins
Turned into scenes of bloody mayhem.
We heard them call us all criminals,
Long haired faggots was a favored taunt.
It seems we were entitled to our opinions
As long as we didn’t chose to flaunt.

It felt so very much like Nazi Germany
Including storm troopers and jack boots
And the local politicians were obviously
At least agreeing if not in cahoots
With the police in their fear of rebellion
And protecting their good paying jobs.
So, they beat us and vilified the students
Calling them dirty communists, and slobs.

And, yes, some of us were getting high
Back in our homes and apartments.
Sometimes it seemed the only way
We could deal with the estrangement
Between what our country said it was
And what it turned out it really was.
It was hard to realize our land wasn’t free
And there was no social Santa Claus.




I want to be rich
I want to have power
I want my every thought
To blossom and flower
Into a new religion
Like a room full of roses.
I want to become
A brand new Moses.

I would write such tales
Of exciting breadth and scope
That any non-believer would
Have to be a brainless dope.
I would invent angels, too
That appear to save us all
And appear and offer words
That back up the worship call.

I will find someplace
Where I could build a church;
Leave all the naysayers
In a theological lurch.
I want to write new rules
Maybe on tablets of gold
And peddle my concept
Until thousands are sold.

Then we can get stronger
And create our own thing
Where hand chosen leaders
Can carry on like kings.
Once they are chosen
Their persons will be sacred.
They will have God’s mandate,
So no human can take it.

Of course we’ll do good things
Like a religion really should.
We’ll do charity and preaching
And do a great amount of good.
But what is most important
And will really make us great
Is to teach our people clearly
Just who they have to hate.

If we don’t approve of them
Heaven will simply be denied;
Just like the Court of Gentiles.
They’ll have to stay outside.
Because I want a religion
Where what I say will be fact
And all of the true believers
Will know exactly how to act.





If you are Christian
And ashamed of your body
Listen to Jesus
And pay attention to what he
Said about the issue
Of tissue around your bones
And how that makes you
Evil and some kind of crone.

Find where he says
Abomination is your own skin
And where he says
Shame on the shape you’re in.
Since that came from God
And by your teaching God is right
On everything he ever did,
Why this turning off of the lights?

And, if not Christian,
Isn’t it all really the same thing;
Covering up, a masquerade,
Posing, pontificating, pretending?
Why the hiding and lying
About who and what you are?
Why treat your healthy self
As if you were some big scar?

Isn’t it really that society
Has made you think badly of you,
And when the truth is told
It was not about something you do?
It’s more about what others
Think and feel and see as shame.
So quit thinking they are right,
And by all means quit taking blame.



Why are you shouting out loud?
Are you saying I am too proud?
Do you think I am undeserving?
If so, it is completely unnerving
That you don’t want me to own
What you see as yours alone;
A sense of dignity and hope.
You must see me as a dope
Who can’t see you getting rich.
You are one shallow sonofabitch
If you think just calling me villain
Will somehow make me willing
To give up my own free voice
So that only you have a choice
About how much I will make
And which decisions I take
About my own home and body.
Can you really be that shoddy?

Well, yes, I have learned you are.
You think you are a superstar
And are immune to decency
That your star is in ascendency.
Well, I really hope that it is not
And that your tail gets caught
In the door before it slams
And we see the last of your scams
And your nepotistic buddy deals
And get back to what is real
And proper for our poor nation
Instead of graft and intimidation
That makes wealth for a few.
Nothing for me, all for you.

(Illustration is from www.thisis50.com)





Whether you like it or not
There are people who god made
To live in the center between genders
And your demands that they
Live your way, either straight or gay
That they should gracefully surrender
So that you feel better
Even if that is sadly the letter
Of the law, it is a gross imposition
And it is totally based upon
Your definition of some Bible verse
Mashed and warped into a political position,
When actually it blasphemes
Against the obviously natural laws
That nature has made them for a reason
And that they have joys
And sorrows and illness and health
And just like you, their years have seasons.

If you try to force people
To be different so you can
Feel so much better about yourself
You’re no better than the baiters
The awful, supposedly Christian, haters
Who demand people be something else.
You are the modern day version
Of the Nazi storm troopers and SS.
You have become the modern Hitler
Who will lump people together
In a category of less than human beings
That lets you feel smug that you sequester
And sideline them so you might
Take their possessions and rights
Then later, maybe put them into ovens.
At least witches can do good
When they gather themselves together.
You are doing no good in your political covens.
You’ll murder people because they
Do not adhere to what all you demand
Because you claim you believe in the King of Peace
When actually you are following
The other deity, the horned one from hell.
You should be honest about your meaning, at least.
That way we could see you
Smell you coming, and recognize
That you are wearing bed sheets with crosses on them
And make you take off
The disguises you choose to wear.
We can smite your head and knock off the diadem.

Brent Kincaid




Denying the rights
Of the non-whites
The Jews and the gay
Is exactly the way
We all had to suffer
The horror of Hitler,
Of Tojo and Mussolini.
Now Bush and Cheney.

For that to continue
We only need do
What the Germans did.
They closed eyes and hid
And let the atrocities
Become their realities.
Afterward they tried
To tell us Nazis lied
And they had no clue
What the leaders would do,
When the troopers came at night.
But we knew they weren’t right.

If our leaders cheat and lie
And we just stand idly by
It is the same as agreeing
With the behavior you’re seeing
And pretending is not the problem.
You’re going along with them
And therefore you are part of it
Even while you deny it.

No country represents freedom
Unless every single citizen
Is protected from prejudice
And can seek the solace
Of its lawmakers and police.
If we don’t make the few cease
To band together to ravage,
The few have turned savage
And must be controlled by the many.
If not, then we haven’t any
Hope to be the democracy
We claim to be publically.

Brent Kincaid

(Image from: http://www.vintag.es-)