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Wrap up all your games
And take them all away.
They might be fun for you
But I don’t want to play.

Sometimes what we think is luck
It isn’t that at all
It’s a series of bad decisions
That lead us to a fall.
You never seem to grow
Out of this kind of crap.
And smiling while you cheat
Is another kind of trap.

I don’t want to play
Take yourself away
Don’t come back here
Any other day.

You seem to believe
That finding the right words
Means your lies disappear
Like they were never heard.
You never get embarrassed
At the ugly things you do.
But it turns our stomachs
And embarrasses us too.

Wrap up all your games
And take them all away.
They might be fun for you
But I don’t want to play.

It’s almost like a game
You used to play as a kid
Where all of us were meant
To ignore the things you did.
This is not a playground
And we are not in school.
Once it might have been cute
But now you’re just a fool.

I don’t want to play
No matter what you say,
Today or any day.
Find somebody less aware.
I don’t want to play.



Double-talk logo

Waddley bimbely
Nothing is new.
Sometimes I don’t know
What I should do.
Walkily talkily
Human kazoo.
I have learned better
Than trusting in you.

Whiffily sniffley
Embezzle and lie
Authority snority
Let it go by.
Cheatum and beatum
If they complain
Skim from the top
Buy a new plane.

Hoppity boppity
Games of chance
Always let poor people
Pay for the dance.
Scrappity snappity
Selling their wares
Bitch about usury
Nobody dares.

Slippity slidery
Constant rendition.
Use public money
To buy politicians.
Graftery crafters
Buy media too.
Make some more billions
To see their way through.



My butt’s all sore
From ass kicks about my lifestyle!
My neighbor’s sore
From raising a child from rape.
Meanwhile the GOP and friends
Are thumping on their Bibles
And driving our country to ruin
Each  running around wearing a cape.

I’ve got a very bad case
Of the Republican Rash
A disease that is fueled
By their greed for cash.

My bank account is ailing
By a deregulating Congress
And a Supreme Court gridlock
That is just exactly as bad.
There are crazy people there
That should be in institutions.
Things are awful ever since
We got screwed by hanging shads.

The GOP is paid Big Money
To piss on us and steal
And then tell us it is raining
And our rights aren’t really real.

My wallet has fingerprints
Of Congress all over it
Not mine so much because
It does very little good to reach.
I work three times as hard now
To make what I once did.
I’m oh so glad I never did
Decide to go and teach.

I’ve got a very bad case
Of the Republican Rash
A disease that is fueled
By their greed for cash.

I’m all confused about things
Like where is up and down
And confusing stuff like
What is wrong and right.
The GOP has spent so long now
Saying they are the good guys
And what I think of as day
Is really the middle of the night.

I’ve got a very bad case
Of the Republican Rash
A disease that is fueled
By their greed for cash.
The GOP is paid Big Money
To piss on us and steal
And then tell us it is raining
And our rights aren’t really real.



Don’t expect evil men to do good things,
They are sick and twisted and addicted
To the bastardy they do. It’s up to you.
You must block them and defrock them;
Throw them out of your political party
Give a hardy heave ho, so they know,
Because any word but ‘no’ means yes,
And to them even no can mean okay
If their party pays enough money today
So they can say whatever they want
They’ll flaunt lies as the people’s choice
Unless you give voice to their crime.
They will repeat it each and every time.

Ride them out of town on a rail if need be,
Their seedy behavior will justify it.
They will deny it in face of film footage.
The usage of many lies they will coin
Showing those who are paying attention
That any mention of truth or honesty
Will get instantly reversed and wielded,
Fielded like a pop up ball, by lawyers
And spin doctors on their political team
To make it seem like the good guys
Are not as wise as the black hats
And that will be that, if you don’t stop them.

So beat them, defeat them; turn it around!
Those clowns can only lie for so long
If you don’t go along and okay their crap
Then slap them into jail when they cheat.
Knock them off their feet, depose them
Compose the right paperwork to reverse
The worse things they do and then more;
Even the score by sending them home.
Comb the laws they wrote for corruption
And the interruption of human rights.
Fight fire with fire. If they holler, you shout
And leave them out of the next round
Of sound logic because they have none.



Making excuses
With hundreds of uses
All kinds of ruses
To cover up abuses
By venal national leaders
Upscale liars and cheaters
And well-armed bush-beaters
Feeding the meat-eaters.

The uptight Right
With its narrow eyesight
Calls daytime night
And loves a grudge fight
So, they create enemies
With deceitful homilies
And live up to the parodies
That leave us on our knees.

They ignore the Constitution
And make new resolutions
To offer no real solutions.
To our national destitution.
All that matters is monetary
So, they bribe the constabulary;
Call civil rights revolutionary
And laugh at those they bury.

The point is, make no mistake
These reprobates always take
They never take a break.
They cut nobody a break.
They steal and call it rights
And love it when the poor fight.
And while we sleep at night
They steal even the street lights.


true story

I don’t know what it was
That made my life worse
But I know for certain
What made it all reverse.
I stopped lying to myself and
Stopped lying to others.
I started treating people
Like my sisters and brothers.

I crashed around in life
Like a gorilla in a cage
A big, loud, mindless baby
Too infantile to be acting
Like that at my age.
I was full of self-pity for
What I felt how much I hurt.
I kept an inventory of pain
And treated people like dirt.

People kept saying to me
“There are no big deals!”
I heard the words, but
I didn’t think they were real.
There are big deals for sure
Like cancer, AIDS and death
So, how can you say that, with
Anything like a sane breath?

“God never gives you anything”
They’d say, “that you can’t handle.”
Well, I won’t give you a match
To light that particular candle.
Tell that to the tiny babies lying
Deaf, blind and sick in cribs.
Gone before they are old enough
To even wear a baby bib.

You keep that circular logic.
No. Sorry, Next person please.
This one spent a long time
Praying to nothing on his knees.
I have found it is better for me
To look at life as what I make
And what I do about it all
Whatever effort it may take.

Investing in coins under pillows;
A gift from the fairy that wasn’t.
Accept a life without Santa Claus.
Stuff happens and sometimes doesn’t.
I don’t do myself any big favors
Lying to myself about me or you.
I have to learn what to do with
What is really beautiful and true.


Death By GOP

We’re slowly dying of thirst
In the desert of Trickle Down.
Allowing politicians to lie
And constantly fool around
With the laws, rewording them
So, they leave us all out.
Today, that’s what being a
Republican is all about

The GOP takes money
And waves it in our face.
They don’t know the meaning
Of the word disgrace.
They cater to the lobbyists
And the riches they present.
The kowtow and kiss the ass
Of the holy one percent.

If you are the kind of folks
With no millions in the bank
You don’t have a chance and
You have the GOP to thank.
They don’t like non-whites
Nor non-Christians here.
They wish you’d leave your money
Then quietly disappear.

While we’re on that Christian stuff
Don’t get so carried away
That you think Republicans
Care what you have to say
About the basic freedoms that
The Constitution gives.
They only mean it for themselves
That’s where the issue lives.

So, don’t you non-white citizens
Think you can open carry.
It’s just as sore an issue with them
As gays who want to marry.
It may be the law, but then
The police are on their side.
Those who thought otherwise
Have suffered and have died.

This is the Land of The Free okay
If you play by Republican rules.
Those who don’t believe that
Are soon proven to be fools.
This is the land of those
Who can buy a public office,
They feel the way you pray should
Be ruled by Republican caucus.