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We are the Republicans!
Kneel and bow!
We are superior!
All kowtow!
We deal in campaign funds
Hand and fist.
We believe in oligarchy
With a twist!

We hate democracy
We spit in our hats.
We hate all poor people
Especially Democrats.
We think equality
Is a crime.
Back to the nineteenth century

There is no place here
In our fine land
Where we give the votes
To our field hands
And women who should all
Be in the kitchen
Instead of out carrying signs
And publically bitching.

We are the Republicans!
Kneel and bow!
We are superior!
All kowtow!
We deal in campaign funds
Hand and fist.
We believe in oligarchy
With a twist!

We believe in the Bible which
We mostly never read.
We think all non-Christians
Should be dead.
At least they should not be
Allowed to vote.
That kind of godlessness
Gets our goat.

The only kind of righteous men
Are our own kind.
Not gays, blacks and Mexicans!
What are you, blind?
We ran the show right all along
White power!
The day the other kinds acted up
Was an evil hour.

We are the Republicans!
Kneel and bow!
We are superior!
All kowtow!
We deal in campaign funds
Hand and fist.
We believe in oligarchy
With a twist!




He’s like a ham actor
Who has only one goal
To see himself in
The starring role.
Talent doesn’t matter
As long as he is zealous.
If he bombs it’s because
Everyone else is jealous.

He goes flap, flap his yap
But be careful, it’s a trap.
He loves to holler up a storm.
But has no talent to perform.

He thinks he is a superstar
Just waiting to be crowned.
Others say behind his back
He’s nothing but a clown.
All he needs is a big red nose
And he’s working hard on that.
He thinks he’s the big dick,
But really, he’s just a pratt.

He goes moan, moan and groan
But leave him totally alone
And while he swears he is fine
He will fail to remember his lines.

All the world is a stage, it’s true
So politics is like theater, too.
And this poor clown with big feet
Tries to deliver his speeches sweet
But his lies trip him in the last scene.
He ends up looking false and mean.

He lies and lies his lullabies
And tries to act so famously wise.
But he only fools the less than bright.
The rest know he’s just not right.


21st century

It was a scam, a sham
The flimmiest of flams
There was more pork there
Than a Christmas ham.
It’s nothing but a racket
Stuff it all into a big packet
And put into a time capture
Leave it until the rapture
Where it can’t hurt anybody
Then, fix yourself a hot toddy
And laugh about how shoddy
Future folks will think we are.

They won’t be wrong by far.
They’ll marvel at how many
Candidates worth a penny,
Or less, showed up to run
Like the whole thing was fun
And better than a TV show.
How could they tumble for
Not that good of a governor
Didn’t know what lips are for
Or what to say on the floor
Yet some wanted her to run?

What fun the press had with
Filling up the internet bandwidth
With screeching permutations
Of tired old KKK reiterations
Of the wonderful Aryan nation
The South advocated before
We had us a big-ass ugly war.
It’s like they didn’t know they lost
And were prepared to pay the cost
To do it all over again, not just men
But women too, who shouldn’t do
Because they were not part of
The government to be started up.

It was rather Alice In Wonderland,
The fuzzy details of their whole plan.
Certain things were carved in stone.
Some should go back to an age of stone
And forever leave the real people alone.
Because they’d shout out now and then
That this world was meant for white men
To run and control and own. Nothing tribal.
They said it was written in their Bible
Which was obvious they never really read
Or they would know what it really said
About helping the poor, the halt and lame.

They went on doing harm in the name
Of the King of Passion and Rescue
Saying that was the wrong thing to do.
They insisted they could do what pleases
And it should have nothing to do with Jesus.
It’s all about who is rich and who is not
And who doesn’t need what they have got:
All the good land and the mineral rights.
The rest can just stay up nights working
Two jobs, maybe three, they didn’t care.
Those pundits had to start somewhere.
Let those dishwashers and caddies
Go get their own filthy rich daddies
To leave them accounts full of millions
So they could hire undocumented millions
To build their dynasties of marble and gold.
Really, folks. This story never gets old.


(Image is from hackwhackers.blogspot.com)



How do you sleep at night?
Why aren’t you ashamed
After all your dirty tricks
And you lying cheating games?
Something is wrong with you
That you have no remorse.
Sin and crime call out to you
And you respond “Of course!”

Were you that kind of kid
That cheated playing of cards?
Did you find not copying
From other students hard?
And presents wrapped at holidays
Did you always have to peek?
Do shortcuts to being rich
Describe the path you seek?

Does the end always end
By justifying means?
Do you steal if and when
The act is never seen?
Is there nothing wrong
With living a life of lies?
Does the drive to win
Let you screw the other guys?

Is there no basis inside
That thing you call your soul
That could be called decency
That governs your goals?
Or are you that kind of thing
Our parents warned us of;
A creature devoid of kindness
Compassion, and love?



Twinkle, twinkle, GOP
Scaring hell right out of me.
Platforms aren’t worth a crap
I’d like to give your face a slap.
All your antics have grown old
And your twinkle’s not from gold.

Twinkle tinsel seems to me
Not of diamond quality.
None is precious metal grade.
Fake as promises you made.
Hating is your stock in trade.
Embezzlement the game you played.

Missile epistle, you love war.
You forgot what we are for.
We were formed to protect
Not hanging nooses around necks.
Freedom was the reason why
Not to make foreigners die.

Swindle, chisel is your game.
Set the economy aflame.
Locking down the government.
We knew bigotry was meant.
Voters have begun to see
Your ranks filled with villainy.

Sizzle, melting is our wish
Just like Oz’s ugly witch.
That would be a perfect end;
Nothing but a smudge to tend,
Thirty years from now when we
Have repaired your bastardy.



Is there any more vile villain
Than one that starves children
Or one who leads his men
Unarmed into the lion’s den?
Is there any more wretched soul
Who destroys his people’s goals
And befouls his neighbor’s sod
Then hides behind the name of god?

Is there any more heinous criminal
That those hiding in a high citadel
And ordering the total destruction
The implementation of a weapon
That murders women and children
That have done nothing to them
And hides the truth behind lies
Then points to the flag that flies.

Can anyone ever be worse than
The screeching ugly harridan
Who mouths deceits of her man
And brags she is his greatest fan?
Can she not see what she does
How she besmirches her own cause
By siding with this misogynist.
She condemns herself with her own fist?

Sometimes the villains that surround
Do their work with the least sound.
They undermine their very own fate
By siding with some nefarious mate.
Maybe someday the people will awake.
And make it stop before the damn breaks.
Or maybe we are doomed to forever be
The mindless victims of national apathy.




I am so sorry that I met you

That I ever ran into you at all.

You are a perfect example

That the human race is about to fall.

You are a cretin and a bigot

And a talking warthog would be

Much more fun to have around

If the decision were to get left to me.


I get my head all squared away about you

And then you open up your mouth

And every sign of intelligence

Hit’s Mach One going south.

It’s almost like you don’t listen to you

Or the wind is whistling up your butt.

Maybe you had some clever thoughts

But none of them ever made the cut.


You’re disgusting and despicable

And more than a bit of a pig

And yet you manage to be a jerk

A brainless moron and a prig.

How you can be so much bad

And have so very little good in you.

It’s all at once horrifying and weird

I ran out of adjectives that will do.


When I listen to the trash you spew

I wonder if you have any kids

And if they have to suffer like I do

At all the creepy things you ever did.

And if you have a spouse, I have pity.

But I remind myself life is free

You other half could run away and hide

And leave you alone for eternity.


There is one tiny ray of hope here

And that is sometimes all I need.

Just tell me I was wrong about the spouse;

That you never managed to breed.

But experience has taught us differently;

Offal like you sires plenty of young.

It’s almost like you don’t know that you

Are human evolution’s lower rung.



You’re disgusting and despicable

And more than a big of a pig

And yet you manage to be a jerk

A brainless moron and a prig.

How you can be so much bad

And have so very little good in you.

It’s all at once horrifying and weird

I ran out of adjectives that will do.


Brent Kincaid