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I wish I had the money
To buy myself a yacht.
I wouldn’t spend it that way
But would love what I bought.
I’d have a huge party
With every friend I know
And let it go on and on
For about a week or so.

And, gifts to everybody
Who was ever kind to me.
Just something thoughtful
To give them gratefully.
I’d pick things out carefully
And wrap them up nice
And in some cases I’m sure
I’d do it at least twice.

I’d rent a fancy house
That overlooked the beach
With kayaks and hammocks
All within everyone’s reach.
And I would hire a caterer
To make delicious foods
So nobody would hunger
No matter what their mood.

And I would hire musicians
To play on regular intervals.
Maybe local songwriters
And super talented minstrels.
And I would wear my finest
Most beautiful things I’ve got.
That’s what I would do if
I could buy myself a yacht.



chicken bones

I want to go back
To Crackerjacks
And KoolAid on ice.
Ice cream sandwiches
And Chick O Stick candy.
That would be so nice.
Double feature matinees
At the local movie show
With cartoons in between.
Car crashes and then the
Cliff hanger serials
Were the best we’d ever seen.

Things like snow days, and
Skinny dipping swimming holes
Great on hot summer days.
And matchbook motors
On the spokes of our bikes
After school every day.
Snow cones and soda pop
Then we turned in the bottles
For two pennies to by sweets.
Snowball forts in the winter time
That were serious business
On every neighborhood street.

Things were so simple then
We each had a list of what
We wanted Santa to bring.
Some wanted ritzy stuff
And others only wanted
A Dick Tracy decoder ring.
Life was almost all about
Going to school and then
Waiting for classes to let out.
And though there are joys
For grown girls and boys
It felt good to run and shout!




I could not have done

What I have done so far

If it were not for the fact

That my friends are such stars

At support and approval.

Can we ever get too much?

They stayed beside me,

They stayed in touch.


I once got into the zone

Of going it all alone;

That egotistic drive

From being alive

And not smart enough

To see it can get tough.


Then things got strange

And I had to change

Or keep on being lazy

And maybe going crazy.

My friends came along

When I was going wrong

To celebrate my success.

When I pulled back from the mess.


So to bring this tale

To a satisfactory end,

Let me proudly say

I have had good friends.

They scoffed at me

Whenever I got too stiff.

The hollered at me

If I backed too near a cliff.


Brent Kincaid


(Image from blog.clarity.fm)





damon and pythias


I am lucky because

I have had

That kind of friend

Who would sit and listen

To what I said

And find it interesting

And I would do the same

To them

And find it so interesting

I never wanted it to end.

Not a never-ending friend

But a never-ending friendship

Because I won’t slip

Into some kind of character

That never needs to hear

Their voice, their thoughts.

That’s what caught my attention

In the first place and sang

Like music instead of words.

That’s what I heard

That made me come back

To hear more.

To store up the memory

In what would become the me

That looked upon my friend

As history, a heritage

That merited all my time

And concentration when we

Were sitting together

Sipping coffee of a morning

Or evening, at home or in a café.

Sharing, or just to chat

About who and where

We both were at

And that was good enough.


Brent Kincaid