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Waddley bimbely
Nothing is new.
Sometimes I don’t know
What I should do.
Walkily talkily
Human kazoo.
I have learned better
Than trusting in you.

Whiffily sniffley
Embezzle and lie
Authority snority
Let it go by.
Cheatum and beatum
If they complain
Skim from the top
Buy a new plane.

Hoppity boppity
Games of chance
Always let poor people
Pay for the dance.
Scrappity snappity
Selling their wares
Bitch about usury
Nobody dares.

Slippity slidery
Constant rendition.
Use public money
To buy politicians.
Graftery crafters
Buy media too.
Make some more billions
To see their way through.




The time has now arrived
To put your name in.
Even though some people hate
The day you came in.
You might be qualified or
Just an imitation
I really doesn’t end up so
Important to the nation.

That is the dance
If it seems crude
It’s not of love
But someone always get screwed.

What matters is the way you smile
With cameras flashing.
Not whether candidates against you
Have their teeth a’gnashing.
You’ll all engage in nasty gaming
Full of lots of unattractive bashing.
And the result will surely be as always
The truth will suffer quite a trashing.

That is the dance
If it seems rude
You pray it’s not
You that ends up getting screwed.

You hope nobody sees the data,
That linger in your background.
Or the future embarrassing stories
The press can ever track down.
You do your best to hide the worst
Of your former glitches.
The gorgeous dolls you saw sometimes
Without their britches.

That is the dance
If you don’t lose,
Everyone else
Will sing the blues. Not you.

Maybe no one will bring to question where
You got the campaign funds to run.
It often comes up as an important issue
And quite often this part is no fun.
Then you end up dancing so much faster
Than back when this tango was begun.
You hope your charm, your wit and money
And your powerful connections
Because you know none of that will matter
One day after the election.