you didnt teach me

You didn’t teach me
How to succeed without ambition
How to live without approval
How to survive in this condition
How to hold my head up high
How to run when I could barely walk
How to value the me others hate
How to survive all the painful talk.

You didn’t teach me
How to keep my heart healthy and whole
How to tell the truth hidden in lies
How to find the spark inside my soul
How to be proud listening to taunts
How to look upon hatred as sickness
How to sing songs of praise of others
How to selflessly, and lovingly bear witness.

You didn’t teach me
How to value the people who love me as me
How to enjoy people of a different color
How to appreciate all the different nationalities
How to bounce back from the blows of life
How to learn from the work any that I do
How to love my life and cherish all of it,
Because loving me never came from you.


4 thoughts on “YOU DIDN’T TEACH ME

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Oh, those words thrill me. Thank you! Those of us who have recovered from that kind of parenting and those who are still in it might need a beacon to point the way. I hope to be that beacon as long as I can.

      Brent Kincaid


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