miss me

Did you miss me when you left?
You can trust that I missed you.
I wish you hadn’t moved away
But maybe it was best for you.
Nobody wants to be a warden
Holding you against your will.
I opened my hand, you flew away.
But, remember, I love you still.

Did you miss the time we had
Sitting together at end of day?
Do you miss the jokes we shared
And the funny things we’d say?
Are this uncomfortable for you?
Have you, even once, awakened sad
Missing the closeness and love
The special bond we knew we had?

Are there many times in a day
You wish you could take it all back
And come back home here to me?
So, why not go ahead and pack?
Your half of the bed is still there
You pillow still has your cologne.
There is no reason either of us
Should continue to live alone.

I understand what happened
Nobody likes a ball and chain
Weighing them down every day.
It’s a silent but deadly kind of pain.
So, I have learned from what I was
And have become a lighter weight.
Come back home, let’s start again.
And this time, we’ll make it great.


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