Come, dark of night,
Be a lover to me
Cover me with peace;
The quiet of no sight,
With no light to annoy
No little girl or boy
Playing outside my door.

For I need the rest;
The best you can bring.
Sing me your lullaby.
Let me persuade you
To invade my slumber
With lumber enough
To saw logs that build
A fortress against the day
Threatening to come my way.

Soothe me, sweet nighttime
For I’m in need of calm,
The balm offered by sleep
That can keep me abed
Dreams in my head, instead
Of doing and going and saying.

Playing is all for tomorrow
And I don’t sorrow that I am here
With unconsciousness drawing near;
Nothing to hear that awakes me
Sweet nightfall come take me.
Let nobody shake me or make me
Climb out of this bed
Where I rest my weary head.


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