little boy

The little boy who wasn’t there
Has playground dust all in his hair
Some other kids are gathered around
When he tries to rise, they knock him down.

The little boy who wasn’t there
Has no defenders anywhere
He doesn’t cry out, doesn’t speak
He knows the others think him weak.

The little boy who wasn’t there
Acted sad but nobody cared.
School blamed both boys in a fight
Did not find out who was right.

The little boy walks home alone
But nowhere is a safety zone.
They catch him just a block away
They call him fag, they call him gay.

The little boy can’t tell his Ma.
She’ll beat him and then tell his Pa.
They’ll both look at him like a freak.
Two more times he mustn’t speak.

The little boy goes to his room
And listens to the voice of doom.
Depression has become his friend.
He only wants this all to end.



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  2. CatherineLeslands

    Heart breaking poem.. you have put so much of strength in just a few words.. tams .. thanks fr the relink.. completely worth it.

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Thank you so much for those kind words. It has happened to more than just I. It is a sad state of affairs that was made worse by parents who have children they don’t like.



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