The day we hoped to fix things
The day we would make it right.
The morning we would wake up
And teach the world to love the night.
Yesterday was not an enemy
And tomorrow was our friend.
We would build a world for everyone
And that world would never end.

Yesterday we woke up early
And got a jump start on the day.
We ran or jogged and exercised
And tried out life a different way.
We ate the food we thought healthy
And avoided those we called junk.
We chose to grab life with both hands
And drag it out of the bottom bunk.

Yesterday we started to insist
That people say what they mean
And talk with us about feelings
Not stuff from movie magazines.
We began to demand humanity
And ecologically-minded choices.
We took advantage of the strength
That could be had in our voices.

Yesterday we marched and yelled
To let our brothers and sisters be
Whatever they are and who they are
Without scorn and without penalty.
We joined our local groups and said
They needed to act accordingly
To the rights of every human being
And to implement total equality.

Yesterday we thought of tomorrow
And today we have to do the same.
Human rights and a peaceful planet
Must not be just a hopeful name.
Greed and lust will only prosper
If we back down when we are faced.
Freedom of choice and equal rights
A basic needs we can’t replace.


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