fish thingie

You made me hate you.
You must love to do it,
You’re acting like you knew it.
You made me hate you.
There’s really nothing to you.
You’re loathed by all that knew you.

You are disgusting sometimes
And times you’re worse.
You really need drugs and
A doctor and a full time nurse.

You always lie so
The truth seems to evade you.
It’s like the devil made you.
I wish you’d just frack off.

Gimme, gimme, gimme
What I long for
A better kind of behavior
I can’t write a song for.
You know you made me
Hate you!


4 thoughts on “YOU MADE ME HATE YOU

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Thank you, sir. I do dislike that guy SO much. If you are not from the USA the name Donald Trump probably means nothing to you, but think of Mussolini and you are close.

      Brent Kincaid

      1. Khulood Bahaa

        Ma’am* 🙂
        No I’m not from the US but trust me it doesn’t require an American to know who Donald Trump is. People hate him worldwide. And….I’m a Muslim.

  1. kauaiartist Post author

    Wow! Extra special strong words and I take them to heart. Yes, he is a horror and appeals (as Hitler and Mussolini did) to the laziest, and least intelligent members of our citizenry.

    Brent Kincaid


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