chicken bones

I want to go back
To Crackerjacks
And KoolAid on ice.
Ice cream sandwiches
And Chick O Stick candy.
That would be so nice.
Double feature matinees
At the local movie show
With cartoons in between.
Car crashes and then the
Cliff hanger serials
Were the best we’d ever seen.

Things like snow days, and
Skinny dipping swimming holes
Great on hot summer days.
And matchbook motors
On the spokes of our bikes
After school every day.
Snow cones and soda pop
Then we turned in the bottles
For two pennies to by sweets.
Snowball forts in the winter time
That were serious business
On every neighborhood street.

Things were so simple then
We each had a list of what
We wanted Santa to bring.
Some wanted ritzy stuff
And others only wanted
A Dick Tracy decoder ring.
Life was almost all about
Going to school and then
Waiting for classes to let out.
And though there are joys
For grown girls and boys
It felt good to run and shout!


2 thoughts on “GOOD OLD DAYS

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      You are PRECISELY the reader I wrote that poem for. I used to LOVE Chcken Bonds (Chic O Sticks). All those images flashed into my brain and when that happens, I just have to jot them all down and let them tumbled into rhymes. I am so glad you like my poem. Please come back again and again.

      Brent Kincaid


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