I love Twinkies,
The sweet food, not the guys.
I love how they taste
And ignore the chubby thighs.

I really dig pizza,
The kind covered with stuff
I eat it every day.
I just can’t get enough.

Ice cream is great
I can eat it by the tub
And then I look like one
A human tub, there’s the rub.

It’s a US Navy word
For tasty stuff I like to eat;
Anything high sugar
Low food value and very sweet.

The kind of stuff I like
When I’m at the movies.
Sweet, greasy or salty.
Sometimes even hyper meaty.

Food value no need,
Just something to munch.
Nutrition and such
Just leave that for lunch.

The same with politics
I usually kind of go along.
If the issues are annoying
Well that’s just wrong.

I want someone who talks
About stuff that’s easy to hear.
Like football, and sports.
Politics doesn’t go with beer.

I want to hear simple things
Like blaming others for what’s wrong.
See? I just vote my gut
And kind of just go along.


2 thoughts on “GEDUNK

  1. kauaiartist Post author

    Oh, that is BRILLIANT! I wish I had thought of that. I would have managed to put it into the poem. But, it took a brilliant observationalist like you to see that. Applause! Applause!


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