Yesterday came back to me today.
An old lover called to say a hello
And say how much our love
Meant to him so long ago.
It’s especially meaningful to me
That he would call this way
Because I look back to him and see
The beauty we felt in a long ago day.

And that it still meant something
The same as it does for me,
That love and our closeness
Was more than just a memory.
It happened at a time when we
Both needed a boost in our hearts
To let us both see that love could start.

And we both needed that so much
Because we had fallen into doubt.
Being close, touching and loving
Let us bring those feelings out.
They were suddenly out in plain sight
So they could no longer be denied.
We took a chance and fell in love
And set all our fears to one side.

Not, it did not last forever, then
We both later moved on to learn
There is more than one place
That a warming fire can burn.
But apparently it was strong enough,
That feeling we felt back then,
That neither of us were afraid
To begin to love again.


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