The Queen of Qanant
Was a right royal cunt;
A bitch of the first water.
And almost as bad
Was the offspring she had,
Her high-class badass daughter.

She looked at folks funny
If they didn’t have money
To her it was all about gifts.
The Queen didn’t share
That her kid pulled her hair
Her stinginess created a rift.

The Queen of Qanant
Had all she could want
Spangles and baubles galore.
She had so much junk
She needed four hunks
To carry it all through the door.

Her land was in a pickle
No downward dollar trickle
With which the poor could pay rent.
She ignored all petitions
To improve the conditions
Thus a civil rebellion could foment.

Her people could starve,
No roast beast to carve;
To her the whole issue was closed.
So her daughter colluded
And the story concluded
When Mommy the Queen was deposed.

So, that’s what’s in store
When you screw with the poor
And ignore their righteous complaining.
That’s the way things are
You get only so far
To piss on them and tell them it’s raining.

The daughter was no better
She matched mom to the letter
And the whole story started again.
But that’s what people earn
When they never quite learn;
They end up back where they’ve been.


2 thoughts on “QUEEN OF QANANT

  1. kauaiartist Post author

    Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun writing this. I rather just ignored the occasional ‘naughty’ word because what resulted was what the muse wanted, obviously.

    Brent Kncaid


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