silly words

Silly words like daughter and laughter.
Why isn’t dotter and lafter?
Both, moth and mother are confusing.
It all depends on the way you are using
Those mad silly words in our tongue
More bizarre than between and among.
And, of course there are the oughts
And ought nots of enough and thought.
Shouldn’t one sound per word be
Far less typographical insanity?
I mean someone wound a bandage
Around a wound on an appendage.

It’s just plain silliness of a high order.
You fix food for a boarder, not a border.
You can fish for fish, not sheep for sheep.
And, you can’t daydream if you are asleep.
There’s a rhyme about a wood chucking wood
But he only seems to do it if he would.
A dog can bark at a cat on a roof,
Which can be said either like root or woof.
In Britain anyone can go pound on a pound
In America, ground coffee can be on the ground.
And driving a car now your own can be fined.
But finding a free auto is something of a find.
It makes very difficult to tease other tongues.
Not even if you shout at the top of your longues.

Lately we changed things like light and nite
But, not white, night, knight or blight.
We changed you to one letter, a simple ‘u’.
Now, tell me please, was that so hard to dew?
Oh, wait. I mean due. No, I meant do all along.
The way English is, it’s not hard to do it wrong.
Is it its or is it it’s? It’s dependent upon.
What kind of sentence you have going on.
For example if you have an itch on your butt
It’s on your butt, but I’ tell you what.
It’s itch is its own, and needs no apostrophe.
Just one more view how silly things can be.
So, until later, when things get better
We had better do it rite to the letter.
Oh, wait, that’s wright. No write, no right.
See, I got it rite before the end of the nite.



    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Oh, that pleases me. It made me giggle to write it and I know several people who will enjoy it. It appears I am not the only lover of words and ludiocrity in my life.

      Brent Kincaid

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Thank you so much for that wonderful review. I came to it early in life, but never really started working on it until I was at least fifty. That is, I did some poetry, some song lyrics and could be counted on to help out with writing projects along the way. I even wrote a couple of novels I have yet to publish. But poetry snagged me early. I am one of those people that actually talk in rhyme and people sometimes throw things at me and tell me to stop it. ha ha.

      I appreciate you taking the time to give me this valuable feedback. That is EXACTLY the kind of impression a poet such as myself wants to leave with his audience.

      Brent Kincaid, WordMusic.


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