Man and woman hold each others hand

Touch me
Like you can’t hardly stand it,
Like you really truly mean it,
Like you can’t control your hand, it
Just wants to reach out for me
And caress me so tenderly
Just to let me know
You love me so.

Touch me
And let me know your feeling
That I’m more than just appealing
That I set your senses reeling
And nothing is going right
If you’re not with me tonight.
I will understand
From the touch of your hand.

Touch me
The most gentle of caresses
Like smothering with kisses.
A magic moment like this is
What life is all about
So, let’s not leave it out.
Don’t let it pass us by
It’s easy if you try.

Touch me
Now nothing else will do
To make one out of us two.
That’s why I’m asking you
It’s the greatest thing you can do
Pull me close to you.
Hold me and kiss me
But, baby, just touch me.


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