ten seconds

Those important moments
When you look into the eyes
Of that one hot person
Who is just passing by
Are usually what it takes
To make magic occur.
So take those moments
To look at him or her.

Lock your eyes on them
And don’t let the look go.
Or else the moment passes
And you may never know
How hot they think you are
And what is in store
So, don’t get bashful.
Hang in a moment more.

And don’t forget the secret
That is an open happy smile.
It usually wins them over
It just takes a little while
Because all of us look better
And sexier when we grin.
So open up, let the smile
And the eye-locks begin.

In the end there is little
That is more truly appealing
Than giving the other person
The convincing feeling
That you really do like them
And think they are hot.
If you don’t make it obvious
They might think you do not.


2 thoughts on “TEN SECONDS

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Beloved Cambodian friend, this has been part of my mating/dating advice for decades, especially my gay male friends. I don’t think there is more powerful magic than this and it works so often, it usually changes their lives for the better. There have been those who got over nearly lethal shyness (a real disease, in my opinion) and others have gotten into relationships because of taking this advice. So, thank you for sharing it. I hope it helps your constituents too.

      Brent Kincaid, WordMusic


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