What did God do on the eighth day?
He couldn’t call Adam to come out and play.
Why wasn’t Eve also made from clay?
Where did Cain’s wife come from on Expulsion Day?

Killing off your neighbor clans is not genocide?
Next to these folks was not a good place to reside.
Couldn’t they just buy up all the land , let’s say,
And politely pay all of them to go away?

Did God make rabbits that can lay eggs?
Do the eggs fall out between their legs?
Did Jesus ever get to paint the eggs green?
It was probably the strangest thing ever seen.

Did Mary and Joseph put up a Christmas tree?
It seems to be a logical question to me.
Did Jesus get to help decorate it?
Did the Romans try to desecrate it?

What kind of presents did Jesus get?
Did he get a hobby horse and a pet?
Did Jesus know Santa Claus very well?
Did they play together, learn to spell?

Did everybody know the land was holy?
Were there three wise men, and three only?
It seems there might have been two or four.
What significance is the number three for?

So, Jesus pulled people from their funeral shelf.
So, why in the end didn’t he heal himself?
I mean, if you take all this scripture by rote,
Why in the world did Jesus need a boat?

And here comes the three again, I mean really,
What did Jesus do before he was thirty three?
Were there tourist guides pointing out Golgotha?
And there’s the crosses again: three! Gotcha!

There are more mysteries here, it seems to me
Than that thing about numbering things by threes.
In religion there must be a theoretical shift
That says God can make a rock he can’t lift.


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