Sitting in my easy chair
By the double windows
Happy just to be here
In my ratty old bungalow.
But happy doesn’t cover it.
It’s really dreams come true.
I have my own place here.
No roommate to suffer through.

It’s Saturday afternoon now
The sun slowly going down
Painting my walls colored
Like the face of a happy clown;
Reds and whites and yellow
Bouncing off the green lawn
And making art of my home
Until the sun at last is gone
Yet I still remember every tone.

Some days I sit under my tree.
I ate the avocadoes you know.
And I planted it right here
No idea that it would grow
Into this magnificent tree
It is twenty five feet or so;
A beauty that calms me
Just watching it grow.

Rain on the roof
Distributor of peace
Of rest and sleep;
A blessed release
For what better to do
What stronger proof
Than taking a great nap
With rain on the roof?


4 thoughts on “1976

  1. kauaiartist Post author

    Lovely man, this took place when the title suggests. Forty years ago. When you come to visit we will have a bed and a room for you. We live in Hawaii and back then, I was single living in a rented one-bedroom cottage near Hollywood Boulevard. I had gone through tumultuous times and this house was the beginning of a welcome change of direction in my life.


  2. sahar

    Hey Brent!

    This is simply WOW! Amazing words! You are an amazing poet, Every poem means something, and so non of your poems are scroll down unread.

    1. kauaiartist Post author

      You have swelled my heart with this response! I have always wanted to hear those words about what I write. Thank you for your generosity in sending them to me. It encourages me when others hint I write too much.

      Brent Kincaid


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