I want to say things
About me and about you
That are beautiful words
But they really aren’t true.
The person I fell for
Was really a total stranger
And I let myself go too far
Into a love full of danger.

I was falling for looks
And the classy way you dress
And didn’t understand
That underneath was a mess.
Your charm was all surface
And your plans were unmade.
You were like the grasshopper
Lazing around in the shade.

Everything you wanted
Was on a short term basis.
You saw someone cute
And you were off to the races.
And I was the cute one
For just that little while.
Falling for the pretty words.
Swept off my feet by a smile.

Then suddenly we were
A couple for many years,
Through disappointments
And way too many tears.
Oh, I don’t blame you.
I was not being truthful.
I was going on the needs
Of the naïve and the youthful.

I think we were afraid to
Just let things fall apart.
Afraid we might be guilty
Of breaking the other’s heart.
But doing that we missed
The life we might have had
If we weren’t so afraid
To make each other mad.


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