They badgered me, berated me.
They beat me and they hated me.
They seemed to want me to die
Too soon, then, so did I.

I was different, and that was the reason.
Too many saw that as a form of treason.

I had to adhere to the boundaries
That were set for us artificially
They had no reference to reality;
More to some kind of elite tyranny.

And, I still find it horribly strange
That very little has changed.
The rules are still very much
Incredibly socially out of touch.

Strive to be elite or be beaten
And ultimately, almost literally eaten
By the swarm of mindless fools
That go on defending the rules

That allow children to be thugs
And, come to school to sell drugs;
That let the criminals escape
And, turn a blind eye to rape
And abuse and battering
But keep the bullshit clattering
At PTA, school board and council meetings
More concerned with politics
Than the real-time subjects
Such as kids afraid of attending
Because the battlefield is never ending.


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