battle hymn

Hundreds of years have gone by
Since some guys in America
Wrote down some words, then gathered
In armed hordes; resisting, insisting
On the rights of common liberty.
These centuries later, greater men and women
Have fought for our freedoms;
Written documents and laws
But still I am not free.

Life is still without certain kinds of liberty.
I am still stopped from being what I want to be.
I am still commanded,
It is still demanded
That I ignore the concepts we defended,
The ideas our founders intended.
Instead I am ordered to comply
With a religion that I do not worship.
I am not of their fellowship, no matter how many
So, accused of calumny, I am harassed,
Forces amassed so I finally am denied
The very freedoms inside our constitution.
Intuition alone should dissuade them,
Those ignorers of truth, but they oppress.

They chose to forget the mess this country created
When the land and courts defended
And supported the enslaving of humans.
Is this so different in a land dedicated
To keep government and religion separated
Is it so noble to allow this social elitism;
The strong voices of the wealthy
Tell our society what they can do with their bodies?


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