We met and then
We went to bed.
What romantic
Things we said.
And knowing from
The way we kissed
That this was all
Very worth the risk.
That very week we
Moved in together
Think as to how
It would last forever.
We bought the stuff
For our love nest.
No questions asked
That was for the best.
Then conflicts rose
The other’s style
Our feelings hurt
We stewed a while
And I decided that
It would simply do
If I simply agreed
To give in to you.
From that we had
Things I didn’t want.
But really did wish
You wouldn’t flaunt
That everything was
Due to your taste
And implying mine
Was such a waste.
The same was true
Of your fidelity.
Dancing with others
Without asking me.
So, being the nice guy
I didn’t complain.
I cleaned up after, but
Some dancers remained.
You complained that I
Wanted a standard marriage
With white picket fences
And a baby carriage
But you never agreed
To that limiting kind
And I felt I had been
Very dangerously blind.
After a week of living
In a marital twilight zone
You had packed up
And I was living alone
With no furniture or
A bed I could lie on
I realized how little
I ever had to rely on.
After a while I went
With friends to dance
Giving love another chance.
I met a person that night
And everything seemed
To be turning out right.
We liked the same tunes
And so we went to bed
With visions of forever
Dancing in our heads.

(This is only autobiographical
if we go back forty years. And
I have been married for twenty
five, so this isn’t about that.)


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