romatic agenda

I will trust you.
I will believe in you
That you have my heart
And my best interests
Firmly in mind
That you will look out
For me and defend me
And will not be tempted
By the many distractions
That life can offer.
That you will not succumb
To the call of power
That my trust gives
And you will not mislead
Or lie, or betray me
Instead will work with me
To improve what we have
And work toward the future
Without measure or deceit
With complete integrity.
That you won’t mess with me
And tell me one thing
Then do a complete other.
That our relationship together
Will be as valuable to you
As it is to me, today
And everyday.
I don’t want to have to
Ask you for all of this.
It’s like a loving kiss.
It doesn’t work if
I have to ask for it.
But it hurts if you ignore it.

And in this way, love
Is so very much like
How we see the people
We elect to serve us.
If we are this blind
They deserve us.
And we deserve them
If we elect them
On some romantic whim
That everything will be
Just fine if it is a mystery.


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