love is

Love is so very much more
Than a funny paper cartoon
It’s more than nursery rhymes
About June, spoon and moon.

Everybody needs love
Love is a word like God
And it is used every day
So you may find it odd,
It can be used by a friend
And you will both agree
You know what it intends
But really don’t, you see.

We hear the words love or God
And we act as if we both know
The feelings the words mean
And we behave as if it were so.
But, each word has so many
Meanings and feelings and thus
It is a comforting thing to say
The words calm and gratify us..

Love is so many good words
Of things that warm our heart.
It’s so many wonderful things
We hardly know where to start.

We love having holidays off,
We love our puppies and cats.
We love cheesecake and pie
And other sweet things like that.
We love well composed music
And a lovingly created movie.
Or saying things like ‘whatever’
“BFF, “The Bee’s Knees and “groovy”.

We loved new boots and shoes
And love opening our presents
On Christmas in the morning
With our family and our parents.
We love sledding and sliding
On snowy days in the winter,
Tree climbing but not the splinters.

Love is gold at rainbow’s end.
Love is our dreams come true.
Love is everything perfect in life.
Love is me, and of course, you.


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