I miss you and wish I were there
To celebrate the day of your birth.
I would toast to your continued health
And sing out for all I am worth.
I’d exercise my vocal chords well
So that everyone around could hear
That I am delighted for another year.

Three hundred sixty five and so,
The days since your last birthday,
When friends and family take the time
To give cards and cake and say
Congratulations to you, dear heart
And hug you ever so generously.
I wish I could be there with you
To give you one of those hugs from me.

I hope a hundred people call you;
Write and send you clever cards.
I hope they bring you tasty cake
And gifts enough to fill your yard.
Maybe that will keep you so busy
You won’t notice I am not there.
This little bit of rhyming rap
Is to hint at how much I care.

So, this will have to do, I fear,
A Facebook note in poetic form.
It won’t quench your sweet tooth,
But maybe it will keep you warm
When you realize that it means
The love I feel far too distantly,
But don’t let the miles apart
Let you for a moment, forget about me.


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