I know you tried to tell me
That he didn’t really love me;
That it was all a figment
Of my mind.
You said you had to tell me
You were only being friendly
That you were really only
Being kind.

I can do without the drama
Go gossip with your Mama.
Maybe she will like to hear
What you invent.
I guess you’re really jealous of
The love we have between us.
It’s the logical to think that’s what
You meant.

Since you don’t really know us
Just because you’re feeling jealous
You didn’t think we’d feel this way
For reals.
But we know what we are doing
And ignore your double-dealing
And we even feel sorry for how
You feel.

We both wish you will have someday
The love like we have found together
And get over wishing others
Will be sad.
Love is something beautiful
And not something to cry about.
And we know when you find it
You’ll be glad.


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