I remember

I remember when we used to sing
And talk long walks in early spring.
We made up songs to fit the time
And sometimes setting life to rhyme.
We made each other Christmas gifts
And felt our common spirits lift.

I remember staying up all night
Drinking B&B in the early light
Walking together up distant hills
Taking our minds off paying bills.
We went to town for adventure.
We held hands despite censure
When people frowned we kissed.
The times I would not have missed.

I remember some pillow fights;
Friends came to spend the night.
And baking pans and pans of bread
Or whatever we took into our heads.
We all got high and painted faces
And cut our tee shirts into laces.
Yes, those were younger silly times
Somehow they were just sublime.

I remember making love a lot
And still finding each other hot;
Thinking though times were rough
What we had was good enough.
Even though those days are gone
We learned a lot from moving on.
We learned we could love and be
Owners of beautiful memories.


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