He wanted to be minister
And pass laws quite sinister
But nobody would ever elect him.
So, he stood for the seat
And risked his defeat
And let all the people reject him.

But he was the very one
Who in the end won
When the opposition underestimated.
So, the county was undone
When the mountebank won
And the country ended up decimated.

The minister made a war
That was tried once before
And it came to a much worse end.
The country went broke
Except for any bloke
That could be called the minister’s friend.

As always is with war
The few that forbore
And stayed back home made billions.
They country suffered loss
And bore all of war’s cost.
But not so the minister’s minions.

The way politics plays out
Even when there is no doubt
And a minister is a total disaster.
The party he commanded then
Refused to abandon him
And used lies to help bear him out.

When the ruckus was done
The country was undone
But somehow the minister escaped jail.
It’s a sad tale to relate
That although he wasn’t great
His county ended up making his bail.

Brent Kincaid


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