Sometimes it’s like a magic trick
And suddenly someone is there.
It’s like you’ve known each other
But can’t remember just where.
But quickly thinking is not the thing.
Instead it’s feeling that matters.
Your lifelong fear of heartbreak
And trusting suddenly shatters.

The two of you find yourself
Talking like long-lost friends
And before you even know it
Something wonderful begins.
Looking into each other’s eyes
And it seems to mean so much.
It feels like warm caresses
But you haven’t even touched.

As the evening goes on, joyously
Enjoying laughing and walking.
Then the time has finally come.
You find you need to start talking.
“Now that we have met each other
Won’t you stay just one more hour;
Just be here close together
And let this romance fully flower?”

It’s just that simple, just that easy
For the love affair to get its start.
Two people you were before now
Have become just this one heart.
Everything seems to have changed.
The air is fresher somehow.
The lights are brighter, the colors too.
The world is just perfect now.

Brent Kincaid


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