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I used to like you when you were dumb.
Then you smartened up and it pains me some.
You question almost everything I say.
You use these big words almost every day.
You really are making my brain cells hum.

You used to be sexy when you talked.
You had this trampy twist in the way you walked.
You did everything I told you to do.
Now you want to try things that are new.
And at that, baby, I just have to balk.

I really do prefer the way you used to be.
You made sure to do things that pleased me.
Dinner was always right on time,
And serving leftovers was a crime.
Now meals are not the way they should be.

I used to be breadwinner around here.
That was one thing that was totally clear.
I gave you a weekly allowance to spend.
None of this going out for drinks with friends,
Now you have a job and sometimes you’re not here.

I think the cause of this is all this reading.
You think you’re getting smart is misleading.
You are getting a different attitude
And I think a lot of them are rude.
There are some basic truths you aren’t heeding.

So you should put the Bible on your list.
As a matter of fact, I really do insist.
It tells you I am the important one
And you are just a planet to my sun.
So it isn’t God’s will that you resist.

Brent Kincaid



    1. kauaiartist Post author

      Hello, Rebel. The demeaning is on the men. If you notice, the woman has wised up and is on to his Chauvinism. The entire poem is a gripe from the kind of guy that wants to keep his wife stupid, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. He is, in fact, the one who is stupid. So stupid, in fact, that he doesn’t realize she has moved on beyond his ability to control her.

      I am sorry you saw it the other way, but believe me, you took it the opposite way from what I wrote. I hope you are not upset at me any more. Thanks for visiting.



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