When I say I’m a nudist

I am told I’m disgusting

But then, I keep forgetting

It’s that “people don’t fart” thing.

And people don’t piss

And nobody ever craps.

They just keep their napkin

Tucked safely in their laps.

They don’t belch, not ever,

And nobody picks their nose.

It’s the way of polite folks

And that’s just how it goes.


Well, let me remind you

Where you were born,

And where you came out of,

And that you were shorn

Of any kind of clothing

Both mother and the child.

You were born like the animals

Both domestic and wild.


You are naked one assumes

When you shower your body

So, please quit acting like

Nudity is something shoddy.

Your parent put such madness

Inside of your innocent head;

Things like getting re-dressed

Each night when you go to bed.


The insanity of Europeans

Who came to American soil

And wore LAYERS of clothing

In the heat while they toiled.

Then they went to other lands

And warped the people there

With the strange brand of madness

They had been taught to share.


They were taught to be ashamed

Of what god had given them;

That their private parts were evil

And turned you into a golem.

And when asked for a reason

For this weird kind of crazy

They started talking about god

When their logic got all hazy.


So you “people don’t fart” folks

Can just kiss my naked ass.

That thinking might work for you

But for me it won’t pass

For anything but brainwash

And the programming of the sick.

So wake the hell up, the rest of you

And get on the natural stick.


If I want to be naked all day

And you want to wear clothing

That should be each of our choice;

A personal ‘go or don’t go’ thing.

I mean, for a perfect example here

Think of laundry bill savings

So, you can just stop harassing

And gnashing and raving.


Brent Kincaid




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