1969 RAID



Life was an upward battle

Of intense personal frustration,

As we were treated like cattle

With unabashed discrimination.

And those of us who existed

Without rights or respect

We had a stronger hope

Than we had reason to expect.


When some of us reminded

Jesus said love your brother

They made up dirty jokes

Used ugly names of our mothers.

Some invented a phrase to use

That said God Hates Faggots.

They seemed to imply that God

Treated some children like maggots.


Rights were something given

At birth to regular human beings

To other people who were living

But justice we were not seeing

Because justice was not for us

It was for heterosexual whites.

The rest of us had few rights.


True, it was not legal to kill us

But in court things went elsewise.

Police and judges carried on

And covered their acts with lies.

With them bad could be good.

They behaved themselves oddly

Jailing and imprisoning us

Claiming it was all very godly.


And, today, with communication

Such an instantaneous entity

Things have gotten a bit better.

We’re still surrounded by enemy

That quotes a bible they don’t read

And block those any attempt to heal

Wanting instead to make hatred

And legal discrimination real.


Brent Kincaid








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