It’s Holy Zombie Time
Ignoring is a crime
You have to play the game
Dye eggs in Jesus’ name.
Hide them just everywhere
Don’t leave a one to spare
Rabbited eggs are fun
For almost every one.

In Holy Zombie’s name
Let’s play an age-old game
If folks decide to shun
We’ll bring inquisition.
Well put them on the rack
And break their blessed backs.
That way they’ll surely see
Our famous piety.

In Holy Zombie land
We do what we had planned.
We make them criminals
Treat them like animals
Because it’s only we
Who are bound heavenly.
When Jesus does return
It’s only we won’t burn.

So you be sure to pray
The Holy Zombie way
Be sure you do it right
It’s best if you are white.
No Jews will need apply
And we will tell you why
You put him on the cross
Now Christians are the boss.

Brent Kincaid


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