You can talk about equality

But unless it ends up including me

It’s the opposite of wisdom

And nothing like freedom.

You brag about our freedom

To choose our own religion

But if we don’t choose yours

You act like it is sedition.


You speak your double-speak;

You pretend to patriotism, yet

Though you proudly wave the flag

You make your plans in secret.

You have a good old boy club

And you choose all the members

And it seems you won’t back down

Until the country is in embers.


You’re like a parasitic entity

That has latched on to us all

And don’t wish to stop until

You have us against the wall

Where you decide who lives

And who is going to die

And since you are so godlike

You never have to say why.


Have you ever read a book

Or know any kind of religion

That lets you prey on neighbors

And establish pure perdition?

How is it people like you

Are born and given a name

But don’t seem to have inside

Any compassion or shame?


But we can’t blame your parents

Or your teacher in school.

It’s you who decided that

You were immune to the rules.

You look at life as something

You can use and throw away.

I am so glad I have not grown

To be like you in any way.


Brent Kincaid



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