The people in the SUVs

Don’t care about ecology

As long as they can compete

With the folks across the street.

They vote against their interest

On things that might just suit them best.

Like better mileage in their car

But the vote will never get that far.


Women vote for ugly laws

Thinking it’s a righteous cause

To let some rich man decide for her

When pregnancy will occur.

And when she can or can’t conceive.

It’s quite impossible to believe

That she would vote for such a creep.

It’s a wonder any of them can sleep.


And why would any black person be

A Republican that hates equality?

And any person who works at a job

Republicans think of you as a slob.

They only care about campaign funds.

They think of the poor as thieves and bums.

They distract you from the things you could

Mend to make this country good.


If nobody is gay, and that isn’t a possibility,

That won’t fix our income inequality.

If every citizen is carrying around a gun

Do you think football games will be fun?

And if sports stadiums are so important,

Why are our cities a disappointment?

With people who can’t get decent work

While others elect rapacious jerks?


We send money overseas to feed the poor

While our starving and unhoused are ignored

And treated as if they are criminals

And the only time the cops are visible

Is if black people begin to act like white

And commit crimes like walking at night.

We need to fix things right here at home.

There is no need for us to roam.

Brent Kincaid



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