Phony Baloney Joni

Pretended she went to war.

That crazy woman Joni

Doesn’t know what war is for.

Nor does she understand

What for the people means.

Her grasp of intelligence

Really isn’t worth beans.


This is another issue of

The latest Republicreep batch;

Another escapee from

The GOP booby hatch.

The woman gets her news from

The right-wing nutcase crew

And without Fox newscasts

She wouldn’t know what to do.


But fully armed with birther stuff

And climate change denials

She is all ready to start some

Exciting witch hunt trials

Like blaming Obama for everything

From World War Two to Benghazi.

She carefully crafts her ravings

To please the rightist paparazzi.


The most amazing thing is

No matter how much fun we poke

At her half-truth and false ravings

She never quite gets the joke.

Probably the most pathetic thing

About this brainless kook

Is that she has no idea

How ridiculous she looks.


Brent Kincaid




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