At another website, I went to today

An interesting comment came my way

The guy referred me to his blog

And I wanted to see it, me being gay.

You see, the handsome lad is a nudist

And an exhibitionist and an artist

And I resonate at the thought, you see,

For so am I, though that is the hardest

Part of my resume for my friends to hear.

One person said it was too much for him

That I was so open and proudly queer.

That people fear even the word nude

Doesn’t really do much to bother me

As my artistic soul is asbestos

And such words can’t burn me.


Well, of course I wanted to see this site

And went there to read and to look.

It was the blog of a hot young artist

Whose life is a delightfully open book.

There were many, many pictures

And feedback in the many comments

From people the world over who write

And bestow well-earned compliments.

Bear in mind, I wasn’t totally pristine;

Once at the blog, I kept looking because

I like good looking guys, and nudists

And in the many pictures, there one was.

A slim brown body, and a beautiful butt

And extremely glad to show it off.

So, I felt I had to look. So what?


Yes, I was glad I made it to this blog

The Naked Artisan’s tumbler page.

It was a trip to both a past time

And a visit to some future age

Where people can be open

And happy and maybe gay

And the people around him

Would have good things to say.

Truth being said, if I were that hot

I would stay naked all the time

Unless a lawman said not

And even then, I would wait

For the armed official to go

And then just like the cop did

My clothing would have to go.


So, thank you, Naked Artisan

Of tumbler dot com fame.

I am delighted to share here

Your location and your name

And how delighted you are

For strangers to see your form.

My thoughts of you are at once

Equally hot and warm.

I wish for you everything

I would wish for me to achieve.

We must somehow be related

I really, seriously believe.


Brent Kincaid







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