Little Stevie Stutterer

Turned into a mutterer

Just because everybody teased.

He wasn’t a babbler

He was a history dabbler

But by stuttering, nobody was pleased.


One day his teacher

An empowerment preacher

Listened to what Stevie said.

She nodded along politely

And recognized quite rightly

That there was a lot in this kid’s head.

She coached him to slow down

And not to make a big frown

Because he couldn’t say it right.

He went home and tried it

And little by little he prided

Himself on improving every night.


Little Stevie Stutterer

Much less of a mutterer

Began to make himself understood.

It was oh so pleasing

When classmates stopped teasing

Just as Stevie’s teacher knew they would.


Stevie did grow up then

Became one of the great men

In the biggest company in town.

And many of those same kids

That made fun of what he did

Were working for him and owed him a lot.

They had a good lesson

About being nice children

And not being a snob about what you’ve got.


Good for Stevie Stutterer

No longer a sufferer

Because he didn’t let himself get down.

He worked hard to be

The best that he could be

And now he’s a leader in the town.


Brent Kincaid


(As a lifelong stutterer, I felt it was important to put this message out there. The image is Mel Tillis, a fellow stutter who proved you can make it big.)












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