Trusting Billy Bibelot

Didn’t understand

Why the situation

Had gotten out of hand.

His mother always told him

He had to love his fellow man.

That was the Christian way.

That’s why he didn’t understand.


He loved his neighbor Stan

To a heart filling degree.

He was Billy’s fellow man.

That was easy to see.

So, why the big ruckus

When his Mom came to call

And found Billy and Stan

Loving in his bedroom?


Oh no, his father told him

While smiting him hip and thigh,

That is not the Christian way,

And Billy asked him why.

He could not find in anywhere

In the family Bible they had.

So, why was his loving family

So screaming, hopping mad?


They sent him to the preacher

And that guy said the same.

He waved his hands and mumbled

Calling out Jesus’ name.

“But,” Billy advised the man,

“Jesus never said a thing

About men loving men and such.

He talked about forgiving.”


Billy’s parents sent him then

To a psychiatrist in town

And the psychiatrist tested him

And then he sat him down.

“Billy,” the man said,

“You need to understand.

There is a kind of sickness here

That has settled on the land.”


Billy shook his head and blinked,

As the doctor went right on.

“The meaning of religion

And forgiveness is gone.

It has been replaced by

A less than honest legacy

That makes demons and villains

Of people like you and me.”


So, finally Billy got it.

He saw what was going on.

He swore to himself to keep mum

About his heart from then on.

Because he understood his folks

Had been taught like he was.

And if they ever questioned why

They were told “Just because.”


Brent Kincaid



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