I win some and I lose some,

Love with you is a card game.

Sometimes it’s just like poker,

But it needs a whole ‘nother name.

Sometimes you choose to hold them

Others you just throw away.

The rules that you play by are ruthless.

To the victor the spoils, so they say.


Sometimes it’s the king and I win

Sometimes the joker instead.

I brag to myself that I am winning

And other times I hang my head.

And often a queen is triumphant

And sometimes she isn’t enough.

Playing against the percentages

Can make the outcome quite rough.


At first I thought it diversion

Like two children playing Old Maid.

Then later it seemed like War

You trumped every card that I played.

I was just playing for affection

A hug and a kiss, maybe more.

I had no clue this was so different

Than paper and pen to keep score.


When I finally saw what you wanted

That you were playing “I win”,

I should have called out a recess

And told you my patience was thin.

But I still thought we were lovers

And not just some notches on guns.

I should have seen this was something else

Because I was not having fun.


There is often some wisdom in folding

When the hand were dealt is too weak.

You are best to just throw your cards in;

You close up your mouth and don’t speak.

I have to remind myself daily

That fortune is fickle and mean.

That there can be a great deal of distance

Between any king and a queen.


Brent Kincaid


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