I said, “You are the love of my life,”

“And you are mine, too,” she said,

Along with Ralph and Manny and Lou

And Roscoe and Marty and Ted.

It isn’t like she actually mentioned

The names of all those guys

But I knew they all figured in.

And I’m sure you can figure out why

I didn’t run down the litany each time

Because an argument would ensue.

After all, I was after some snuggling,

And a screaming match wouldn’t do

To encourage us to get together

And enjoy some skin on skin.

I so enjoyed holding on to her.

I ask you, is that some big sin?


In reality, it was like asking

A summer breeze not to blow

On anybody but me every time.

That would make no sense, you know.

So, I decided a long time back

To just get used to the situation.

I admit, ditching my jealousy

Was an uncomfortable sensation.

It means I have to look at things

Like the fact people can’t be mine.

No matter how close we ever get

There really is no visible line

They can cross and say to me

I am a slave and you just speak

And I will jump and whine for you.

Besides, I’m not really that weak.


So I discovered that I had to do

The only thing that would fit here.

I had to appreciate what we have

And hold every moment dear

Almost like she could disappear

In a poof of smoke like magic

If I failed to enjoy things now

And I found that idea tragic.

Maybe, in time, she will change

And want to be with just one guy.

As for me, I am very certain

I want that tone guy to be I.


Brent Kincaid



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