young love


At that moment in time

We were brothers in crime.

It was totally illegal.

They said it was evil.

We were just lovers

Playing together.


But, we never believed them.

We saw it was a system.

This is the church,

These are the people,

Is a hand-jive game

But it is not the same

As knowing the truth

About America’s youth.


I don’t remember ever

When just playing together

Either of us were wrong.

We just played along

With what our hearts said.

We were not in our heads.

It’s all about chemistry

Down through all history.


Sometimes we giggled

And nakedly wiggled

As if we were married.

As daily we carried

A secretive romance

Conducted without pants

That if they had known

Our cover would be blown.


But we didn’t really care

We looked forward to where

Everybody’s business

Was not to bear witness

To what they called obscene.

Nobody would be mean

And tell people they knew

What they should do.


Brent Kincaid


(Image is from



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