The way you say it
They’re easy words
Even cheesy words
Sometimes sleazy words.
You whip them out
Like tickets to a movie
Then you think everything’s groovy
And we can just begin again
And that way you always win
Because you never admit you were wrong.
This has gone on far too long.
You’ve gotten lazy
Maybe even crazy
If you think I will
Let you kill
All the trust
All that we must build
Together to have a relationship
That is not some kind of ego trip
Where I pay the transportation fee
And you just sit and make fun of me
And take advantage every day
Then tell you it was all play
And you don’t mean what you say
That it was all a joke
Well, the words you spoke
Were not funny at all.
So don’t call.
Just go away.
Find somewhere else to play
You’re unfunny pranks.
No thanks.
Not interested.

Brent Kincaid


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