My life was a shipwreck,
Forever cast onto the rocks.
I wasn’t getting any younger.
Nothing can stop the clock.
I saw nothing in my future,
Just an open sea of storms.
I saw no welcoming harbor,
I wanted someplace warm.

I needed a new beginning;
A new place to start.
I had had some bumps
And bruises to my heart
And to my self confidence
Which had grown small.
I had lost self esteem
No confidence at all.

I decided since I was
Not really going anywhere
I could just pick a direction.
Why not? What did I care?
So, I cancelled the force
Of my downward spin
And pulled up my bootstraps
To begin all over again.

Like Michelangelo at work
I carved my out new life
To form bridges toward friends
And away from strife
And anguish and rejection
Into a life of creativity
That took the place of
All that painful negativity.

I decided since my choices
From before were all so bad
If I just did the opposite
I must just end up glad
So I choose my friends
From those with good goals
And suddenly my ship of life
Stopped landing on the shoals.

Brent Kincaid

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