A schoolmate of mine
From fifty years ago
Has written me a note
Just so he could let me know
That he too was gay
In that long ago then.
Suddenly, there were feelings
There they were, back again.

The humorous thing is that I
Had a crush on him back then
But, I was beneath his class
And I remember when
I saw him and another guy
That looked a bit like him
And knew in both cases
My chance was less than slim.

Then here he comes today
With a story much like mine.
I read every word, every thought
And savored every line.
It’s true I would have loved
To have known him in the day
When it was illegal, immoral
And wrong for us to be gay.

Fate waited until now to show
That I was not alone at all.
Of course I did not reach out.
I had nobody I could call
And tell them about this guy
Who was handsome and nice.
Nobody then was prepared
To throw gay shoes and rice.

Brent Kincaid


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