If your Mom and your Dad

Were particularly sick

They have put themselves

In control of your dick

Or your vagina if you

Have one of your own

And raised you blindly

With no facts known.

They raised you to think

You were a creature of sin

With fear of the body

You were born in.

It is not unusual

In this current day.

For over a century

It has been this way.


People don’t teach

Their children about sex.

They seem to treat it

As some kind of hex

That makes teens crazy

And want to screw a lot

So you grow up with guilt

For being normal and hot

And even more guilt

For acting on our wants

From suffering the scorn

Of parental taunts

Because they were raised

To fear their own body

And their sex education

Was equally shoddy.


They were taught to use

Terms like tatas and bum,

And other geek euphemisms

That were equally dumb.

Their parents probably married

For the worst of all causes:

The grandparents wanted it

And perhaps peer applause.

They were nearly clueless

About how to make love

And studying themselves sexually

They wanted none of.

So, when you came along

A naturally sexy child

They perceived you as nasty,

Immoral and wild.


A frightening thing then

Quite often come to pass.

Each parent start acting out

Like some pompous ass.

They are far less than happy

At how they turned out

But they have the audacity

To look at you and shout

That you need to honor them

And be like they are

But you haven’t seen much

You want to copy so far.

You really want to know things

That they are afraid of.

You want to understand

Your passions and love.


Brent Kincaid



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