I was giving the ’56 BelAir a run

When I realized I was broke

Not enough bread for gas,

A bottle of beer or a toke.

I knew a couple pals nearby

Who would stand me a high

So, I dropped in to see them

And give some bumming a try.


I knocked on the door jam,

Somebody called come in.

I went inside and saw a girl;

I knew her but from when?

She told me my buddies

Were not then at home

So we sat and she rolled one

And we smoked it alone.


She asked if I had wheels

Saying I did, she rose.

She said wait one minute;

Twinkling, she touched my nose.

She said she would pay me

For using my gas, I smiled.

It wouldn’t piss me off

To spend time with this child.


We drove from Hollywood

Up into the famous hills

Where Elvis and his buddies

Had more than a few spills

And stopping at a cool pad

On a jaw dropping slant

She ushered us inside the place

Removing her short pants.


Now, being naked has always

Been one of my favorite things.

It makes me feel like Aladdin

Or some Arabian nights king.

So, I didn’t fight her when

She took me to the pool.

I got naked and jumped in

My Mama didn’t raise no fool.


I could tell you the details

But, I would surely bore you all.

Besides, I am pretty sure that I

Can’t remember it all.

I just remember thinking,

Driving through Cahuenga pass,

I sure picked a good time

To run out of money for gas.


Brent Kincaid


(As may be noted, I wrote this 8 months or so ago and shared it with people who either lived in Hollywood at some time or those who I knew back then. It is a poem that has my history and my heart in every line.)


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