Saturday morning sunshine

This week, the first time

We get to sleep in, snooze,

Then get up and cruise

Through the morning slow

No boring places to go

Just coffee, you and I.

We don’t have to run and fly

Out the door madly

And sit on the bus sadly.


No, today is all free

For the two of us to be

Like kids again, silly

No plans, willy nilly

Bumbling without stumbling

Through a morning in PJs

Pretending we always

Get to do things this way

At the start of every day.


I do love our weekends;

Two slow-starting bookends

Reading the news as we eat.

No shoes on our feet

Because we have no plans

Just catch as catch can

Until we figure out dinner,

Probably some winner

Diner or delivery place

That matches the pace

Of our weekly holiday

Our precious Saturday.


Brent Kincaid



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